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Andy's Page
Andy is an out and out grouch.  He always wants his way, he's spoiled horribly, and he's a nerd (no really).  But when he wants to be, he's an absolute sweetheart and one of my dearest friends.


Plus, he's quite handsome, as you can see. (and these were taken when he was molting, so he wasn't even looking his best! :-)

Andy again
Andy is much more a talker than my previous Quaker Josh ever was; he says "up", "down", and after he performs either action says "thank you" very sweetly, he says "hello" just like Buddy the Goffin's cockatoo - and like Buddy, will repeat it! - he says "QUAKER QUAKER QUAKER QUAKER QUAKER PARROT!", along with a softer, sweeter "Quaker parrot" and "hi parrot".  He also says plenty else that I could guess at but couldn't say for sure what all it is!  He does a farting noise he learned from the gray, a motor noise, tongue clicking noise, plenty of laughter, and a number of others.

Andy as a baby
He was an adorable baby!  I got him at five weeks old from a wonderful breeder, who hand-fed him from hatching.  He spent most of his time growing up in the crook of my arm or on my lap, and occasionally in his homemade Happy Hut which he dearly loves and sleeps in every night.  His cage is much too small in my opinion but he doesn't care and won't let me give him another one, and protects it with many loud screechings and angry "QUAKER QUAKER QUAKER!"s.

I have a great many pictures of Andy from the day he was born up to adulthood, and I'll add more later!