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Zap & Road Bug.
When I had the opportunity to trade two birds I was trying to sell for two split to blue Quaker babies... Well, it didn't take much thought, I'll tell you that!
Bug & Zap
Road Bug is the older of the two, by a few days; Zap the younger.  This was taken April 15th.
Bug & Zap, just after I brought them home.
They were *very* little when I got them... Barely had any feathers, even.  This was taken the day I brought them home, April 3rd.  Zap is the baby towards the front.

And yes, I know the names are rather strange.  They're taken from the book "Lost Boys" by Orson Scott Card (the name Andrew was taken partially from the book "Ender's Game" by that same author).  This picture was taken April 7th; that's Zap in the front.
Pictures taken April 3rd - 7th
Pictures taken April 15th
Pictures taken April 20th
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