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Daily Growth Shots
I just figured it would be neat to take a nice shot everyday and be able to "map" his growth since I got him.  Watch how that tail lengthens everyday!
(seeing as this is getting a little long, I'll provide just a link to some of the pictures)
First day home, Jan. 31st.  He was stretching his wing and then just sort of... stopped. =-)
Second day home, Feb. 1st.  Lookin up at the camera.
Third day home, Feb. 2nd, just after a feeding (needs a face wipe!).
Fourth day home, Feb. 3rd.  Okay, so it's a little out of focus; it's still cute, and anyway it's the only shot I got that day.
Fifth day home, Feb. 4th.  I think he wants to help with his webpage!
Sixth day home, Feb. 5th.  Lookit all dem purty fedders!
Seventh day home, Feb. 6th.  There he goes wanting to help with his site again!
Eigth day home, Feb. 7th.
Tenth day home, Feb. 9th, finding something interesting on the computer desk.
Eleventh day home, Feb. 10th, playing with a button.
Feb 11th, looking all too much grown up! (yes, he's on the keyboard AGAIN)